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Intelligent Australian melodic pop at its best.

Well-crafted songs, guaranteed to stir your emotions.

Uncomplicated, yet rich.


This band's live performance is as good as it gets. Special Patrol delivers melodic and intelligent musical landscapes with passion - leaving charismatic front man Myles free to weave you under his spell.

The Golden Mean... what does it mean to us?

Every little piece of Special Patrol's history has led to this point: the many incarnations, name changes, countless gigs and rowdy backyard jams.

So, in some ways, this album is the culmination of years of hard, but extremely fun, work. It's also the by-product of the five of us finding the perfect combination of personality and musicianship to help create music we all truly believe in and love playing together.

Not surprisingly, it means shit loads to us. And we can't wait to make the next one...

How and why did it get its name?.... Ask Kate.
(And in the mean time think of the perfect medium between two extremes, Fibonacci's sequence of numbers, and what spirals symbolize for you. That's meaning enough.)

Gig news!!


Special Patrol recently were invited to take part in the launch of the new NOVA 919 station in Adelaide, playing live-to-air with the likes of Missy Higgins, Nessa Morgan & the Hilltop Hoods.
"Love That Holds Me To Ransom", the 2nd single from the current album, "The Golden Mean" has been added to NOVA on full rotation, joining MMM & JJJ who have been playing the song for a while now.

Don't forget to grab your copy of "The Golden Mean" at any good CD store thru Shock.

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listen to an excerpt from "Paint Your Name" from Special Patrol's new CD