A Completely retooled compressor section is what sets the UBK Fatso apart form a stock Fatso.
Designed to give the operator the most unflinchingly musical compression regardless of the sound being processed or the amount of compression being applied, it will never pump or fold.
The UBK Fatso makes easy work of the most difficult and mysterious process in sound engineering: compression.

Vintage Limiting, smooth optp leveling, transparent reduction, aggressive modern squeeze... whatever your vision, the UBK Fatso not only makes it possible, it makes it easy!
7 Unique compressors, - 4 labeled presets plus 3 "hidden gems", produce a remarkable range of flavor, attitude, and grab.o

Empirical Labs UBK Fatso Features :

  • Provides Compression, Tape Saturation, Warmth Generator, & Transformer Coloration all in a foolproof operational layout - it's almost impossible to get a bad sound.
  • Soft clip features modeled after broadband tape saturation. Smooth clipping up to 20% THD
  • User programmable high frequency saturation
  • Switchable transformer circuits, which can add the musical artifacts generated by classic devices like NEVE, API, etc.
  • Four compression modes - One for tracking, one general purpose, one "bus" compressor, and SPANK (see below). All LINKABLE!
  • SPANK!- An additional limiter that musically smashes the dynamic range, and can be used to stop clipping before digital recorders
  • Huge "DISTRESSOR" knobs with high resolution numbering
  • Distortion indicator lights - A 0 VU LED and a "Pinned" (5%) LED
  • Sidechain output and input for eq-ing control signals.
  • Locked, calibrated, output level - Allows speed in setting tape and live mix levels.
  • Discrete and integrated combination - the best of speed/linearity with repeatability. Hand tested & selected components
  • Switchable 110/220 volt operation
  • True bypass
  • Three Year Limited (Yet Generous) Warranty.
  • Hand Wired and Calibrated in USA!

The Empirical Labs EL7 FATSO Jr is a modern digitally controlled analog device that offers many of the "musical non-linearities" exhibited by the older tube, class A discrete, and magnetic tape mediums.

This two channel audio processor will musically integrate frequencies and transients and increase the apparant volume without actual increase in peak levels. In addition, two channels of famous Empirical Labs compression are provided. There are several compressor "types" with fixed attacks and releases (if you want a fully controllable compressor, you will need the Empirical Labs Distressor!). Users can enhance & soften the sound of mediums such as modular digital multitracks (MDM's), HD recorders, DAW's, Dat recorders, Ram Recorders etc. Mixdown engineers will have an option not to use bulky, expensive, (and often flaky) analog tape recorders to get the warmth and sweet high end they've come to rely on for so many decades.

DAW users and owners of Adats, MDM's, RAM and modern hard disk recorders can finally put a stop to complaints about the "coldness" and "brittle edge" of their mixes and instruments with the "rounded" and "musically non linear elements" of vintage analog. Finally, audiophiles can bring back the warmth and cuddly sound of LP's and tapes to their CD players, and other digital reproduction mediums.

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  • Manufactured by: Kush Audio

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