When your signal enters the Clariphonic, it splits across 6 parallel paths like channels on a console. 2 of those channels, your Full Frequency signals, go directly to an internal summing buss and are never processed or altered in any way. Each of the other 4 channels is filtered thru its own equalization circuit, and the resulting sounds are blended in with your Full Frequency via the Focus and Clarity controls. This unique internal architecture creates a boost-only form of equalization that has to be heard to be believed; you can crank the high end by 8, 10. even 15db without a trace of harshness, aggression, or phase distortion.

As with any console, you can mute any of those channels and listen to only the signal paths you wish to hear. Imagine this: you mute the Full Frequency signals and. having now solo'd the pristine top end of this box, you feed it to your favorite sweetening compressors and saturators and thicken it up, then blend it back in parallel on your own console or DAW. The result is a lush, holographically dense high end that screams "expensive" and can be automated and effected as you wish.

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  • Manufactured by: Kush Audio

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